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After many happy years at Jenner Health Centre, Dr Adriaan van Biljon is moving to pastures new; his last day at the surgery is Friday 12 December. We will all miss Adriaan greatly, as he has been such a huge part of life here at Jenner and has contributed in countless ways to the practice and the local people. I’m sure you will join all the staff in wishing him well in his new role at a practice closer to his home.

Please do join us and the Patient Participation Group at 6pm on Wednesday 10 December 2014 for a brief presentation to wish him well and thank him for all his tireless work for the practice and people of Whittlesey and its surrounding villages.

If you would like to leave him a message, there is a now a book at reception for you to leave any thoughts, messages or funny stories that we can then present him with on 10 December.


IBD help, advice and awareness event
Saturday 15 November 2014

Peterborough City Hospital – 9.30am – 1pm

Download Information Sheet here

Download Agenda here


Flu Clinic 2014

We are running flu catch up sessions on:

Wednesday 12 November between 12noon & 1pm

Thursday 13 November at 5.30pm

Thursday 20 November at 5.30pm


Seasonal flu is a highly infectious illness caused by a flu virus. The virus infects your lungs and upper airways, causing a sudden high temperature and general aches and pains. You could also lose your appetite, feel nauseous and have a dry cough. Symptoms can last for up to a week. We offer 'at risk' groups the flu vaccine at a certain time each year to protect you against the flu virus.

Annual Flu Vaccinations are recommended for all patients who are 65 years of age or over and for any patients who suffer from a chronic disease. This includes patients who have a respiratory disease (including Asthma), heart disease, renal problems, liver disease, Diabetes or a neurological disease such as a stroke. Any patients who are receiving treatment for a condition which suppresses their immune system are also invited to attend together with any patients who act as the main carer for an elderly or disabled person. The vaccination is also available to all pregnant patients.

ALL healthy children who are aged 2, 3 and 4 years old are invited to receive a new flu vaccine this year. This is in the form of a nasal spray. For more information, read this leaflet.

For more information please visit the websites below:

Flu and the Flu Vaccine - NHS Choices

Protect your child against flu

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Our new Telephone System

Our telephone systems changed on Monday 8 July 2013. Our new telephone system has been designed with BT to help us manage our calls better and to give you more options.

Our main telephone number has not changed and remains 01733 206200.

Our new options are as follows:

  • Option 1 – Medical Emergencies only

  • Option 2 – Test Results and General Enquiries
    This option is available between 13:00pm and 18:00pm only

  • Option 3 – Book an appointment with the Doctor or Nurse

  • Option 4 – Leave a message to cancel an appointment

  • Option 5 – Order your repeat prescription
    This option is available between 10:00am and 13:00pm only

  • Option 6 – If you have a query about your referral or need to speak to the Support Team

  • Option 7 – To speak to the District Nursing Team

  • Option 8 – To speak to the Health Visiting Team

  • Option 9 – To speak to the School Nurse

Our new telephone system will tell you your position in the queue and will also tell you information about the Practice. Our on-hold music has also changed.

Some patients have previously called us using old direct dial numbers – these will not work with our new system and all calls should be made to 01733 206200.

Our telephone lines are open between 08:30am and 18:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Between 18:30pm and 08:00am, over the weekend and on bank holidays, you call will be diverted automatically to the Out of Hours service for you.


Thank you for visiting our website. is designed to help you manage your health and social care needs more effectively.  Through our website you can:

  • Access useful information about the Practice and the Practice Team
  • Access information about the NHS and local NHS services
  • Access information about local support services that may be able to help you
  • Access useful websites that specialise in certain condition or chronic diseases
  • Access useful information and advice on how to stay healthy and lead an active life
  • As a practice, we look after the majority of residents in the six care homes local to our Practice. Dr Evans has a special interest in this area of care, especially for those patients with dementia. To read more about Dr Evans' work and research in this area please see the attached website

Our website is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is free to use.  As always, we welcome your feedback, so please let us know your thoughts on our website and any further information or services that you would like us to add.



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